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Thanks, But No Thanks: Tips for Turning Away an Applicant

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Turning down an applicant is probably not on your list of favorite things to do—50 percent of hiring managers would rather avoid it altogether—but it’s a necessary evil in the world of hiring and one that cannot be avoided. But not only are companies stuck with turning down unqualified applicants, they have to do it in a way that doesn’t leave these individuals angry…or risk damaging their company’s bottom line. This is especially true here in Hawaii where news travels fast and reputations are put on the line through our “coconut wireless” system.

As an employer, keeping your rejection methods quick, responsive, and personalized sheds a positive light on your company for not only current, but future applicants. Here are five tips for dealing with the uncomfortable yet important task of telling a candidate, “thanks, but no thanks”.

Don’t beat around the … Read More »

STOP! Don’t Post That Job Ad until You’ve Considered These 3 Things

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A position just opened up in your company and you need to hire a new employee—what do you do? Quickly put together a job ad and rush to post it on every online job board that you know of? As the tough hiring market in Hawaii continues, finding qualified people with the specific skills you need will become even more difficult. That means old methods of recruiting and the mindset of “if I post it, they’ll come” might not be effective or accurate anymore.

With so many opportunities available to jobseekers, finding the best people starts with creating a top-notch job ad. That means it’s time to give a little more time and attention to your ad as a whole. So before clicking “publish” on your next posting, ask yourself these three questions to ensure that your ad is attracting the … Read More »

Post Your Job Ads on RJH for Free!

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Employers, have you started using Real Jobs Hawaii to advertise your available positions? Real Jobs offers all the tools, functionality, and customization capabilities of large corporate online recruiting sites, with one noticeable difference—there’s no cost to you, ever!

Posting a job to Real Jobs is simple. Here are a few tips for publishing a winning job ad to Real Jobs that will help you attract the candidates you need.

Choose a job title that will catch a candidate’s attention. One option is to create a title that gives the jobseeker a bit more information. For example, if an accounting company is looking for an administrative assistant, they could consider a job title of “Administrative Assistant Needed for Growing Accounting Firm” or “Administrative Assistant Opportunity – Accounting Experience Preferred.”
Consider adding the position’s pay rate. While some companies like to keep this confidential until … Read More »

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