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Tips for making a great first impression at a job interview

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As a jobseeker, a job interview may strike both hope and fear in your heart at the same time. Getting an interview is a job in and of itself, now you have to charm the socks off the hiring manager and show them what a catch you are. Although skills and qualifications certainly play a role in a hiring decision, making a good first impression will give you the extra leg up you need to finally score that perfect position. Here are a few tips to make sure you go into the interview with your best foot forward.

Be there on time

We know that life tends to run a little slower here in Hawaii, but potential employers still expect you to come into work on time. In fact, plan to show up a few minutes early (10 minutes is good). If … Read More »

Questions to ask yourself before accepting a job offer

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When you’re desperate for a job, it’s easy to find yourself thinking that you would literally take any job offer you were given. And though there is value in work itself, before you agree to a new position, it’s important to consider what accepting the position will mean for you and your career. So after receiving an offer, take a moment away from your eagerness and excitement over the prospect of finally having a job and think about these four things:

Will I be proud to work for this company?

Consider how you will feel being associated with the company. Having pride in the work that you do and the company you are employed at can make a surprising difference in how much you end up liking your job.

Do I like my boss, coworkers, and the culture of the company?

Though it’s difficult … Read More »

5 Tips for Eliminating Job Search Stress

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The number one cause of stress in the US comes from job-related issues. Searching for a new position can be especially stressful—not only can being out of work take a toll on your bank account, but also your self-esteem and confidence. Then there’s the pressure of an interview and the anxiety caused by wondering if you got the job or not.

No matter what you do, your job search will inevitably be a little stressful, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Whenever it starts to feel like one, take a mental chill pill by practicing these four stress relief tips:

Identify the source

While you may think the job search process as a whole is stressful, chances are there are actually one or two specific things that are causing you the most anxiety. Or perhaps you feel unsure about how to … Read More »

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