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How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

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Writing a recommendation letter can be challenging. You want to craft something professional that helps your former employee land the job, but as a Hawaii business owner, you also have a hundred other things on your plate – for instance, recruiting your own candidates – and you may not have a lot of time or energy to spare.

So, how can you make this process as simple and efficient as possible? First things first, you’ll need to gather some information from the former employee. Give the individual a call or send an email if you’re short on time, but be sure to ask these four questions:

What can you tell me about the company you’re applying to?
Who do I address the letter to?
Describe the position that you’re applying for and why it sparked your interest.
Is there a specific project or skillset that … Read More »

Are You Still Wooing Your Employees?

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Happy wife, happy life. It’s a piece of advice that holds true not just for the happily married, but for the happily employed, too. If Hawaii employers want to hold on to their top performers in this tight labor market, they need to court their employees and continue to woo them long after the initial honeymoon phase.

So, how can you keep the spark alive?

Put a ring on it

Well, not literally. But getting “engaged” with your employees demonstrates your commitment to them. It also solidifies their place within the company. If you want your employees to invest into your company, you have to return the love by offering opportunities for growth, promoting collaboration, and encouraging communication.

Play hard to get

Employees actually like a good challenge. In fact, nearly 53 percent of employees said they love their job when it’s challenging. Assigning … Read More »

Office Pickup Lines So Bad, They’re Good

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Looking for a chance to talk up that cutie in the corner cubicle? Don’t know how to introduce yourself to that hunk in human resources? Fear no more. Here are some of the cheesiest office pickup lines that are so bad, they’re good. Use at your own risk.

“Come to this copy machine often?”
“Do you work in accounting? Because there’s no accounting for our chemistry.”
“The only employee handbook I’ve read is Fifty Shades of Grey.”
“You are the Miss Hawaii of spreadsheets.”
“I could hold your memos in my arms forever.”
“Can you file a worker’s comp claim for a broken heart?”
“They say you shouldn’t date someone you work with, but I’ve been written up for less.”
“If you were a sales lead, you’d be coming in hot.”
“How about we blow this lame office birthday party and head back to my cubicle?”

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