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Ditching Work For The Punahou Carnival? We’ve Heard Every Excuse

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“My biological clock is ticking, I need to attend the Punahou Carnival.”


“I completely spaced, I thought the meeting was scheduled for the corner of Punahou and Wilder.”


“I need to pick-up my grandmother’s prescription of Portuguese Bean Soup.”


“I’m going to be late. I’m stuck in Zipper line traffic.”


“I can’t come in to work. I’m having stomach issues. Don’t worry, I have an appointment with my doctor, Mal Asada.”


Looking Beyond the Resume to Find Your Next Hire

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A resume is an important tool in hiring new employees, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Immediately screening out applicants based solely on the skills and experience listed on a resume makes you vulnerable to candidates who either over exaggerate or under sell their abilities. Even if a resume honestly reflects a candidate’s qualifications, it can’t tell you whether the person will be a good fit with your work culture or have the drive needed to grow with your company.

As Hawaii continues to face a challenging hiring market, learning to spot candidate potential may be the secret to improving the quality of your hires. Here are a few methods you can add to your screening process to help see beyond the resume and find desirable candidates.

Evaluate the cover letter

One of the first things you should review before completely dismissing an … Read More »

Coaching Millennials in the Workplace

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With millennials (individuals born from 1981 to 1999) surpassing Generation Xers as the largest generation in the workforce, learning how to bridge generational gaps to build more efficient and productive teams is one of the most difficult challenges in management today.

Making an effort to avoid generalizations and understand subtleties among the generations you employ can help limit employee turnover and ensure that you are coaching your employees in a way that facilitates their very best.

Here are a few strategies to consider as you approach coaching and managing millennials in the workplace.

Be communicative, transparent, and authentic

Millennials are most engaged when their managers provide frequent and consistent communication and feedback. Forty-four percent of millennials who receive regular feedback from their manager report being engaged with their work, whereas only 20 percent of millennials who did not meet regularly with their manager report … Read More »

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