How to Make Job Candidates Want to Work for You

How to Make Job Candidates Want to Work for You

In an ideal job market, you’d have qualified candidates lining up around the block for the chance to work at your company. Instead, the majority of Hawaii employers are facing the exact opposite: a limited supply of applicants with the right skills, experience, and personality. As a result, when someone qualified does come around, that person generally has a couple of job offers on the table to consider. Employers are faced with the challenge of staying competitive and winning over the most qualified candidates.

The good news is, candidates today want more than just a huge paycheck (though a fair salary certainly plays an important role in a job offer decision). Instead, jobseekers are looking at what a company can provide in terms of things like career development opportunities, company culture, and office environment. If your company wants to win over top talent, you’ll need to find ways to show that you can meet the specific needs of a candidate, beyond the paycheck. Here are four tips for doing just that and winning over the best of the best.

  1. Ask what motivates the candidate
    Every candidate will have a unique set of needs, so the best thing you can do is simply ask the person what it is he/she wants. Don’t beat around the bush. Ask questions like, “What are you looking for in a company that you don’t currently have?” or “What are your most important criteria when choosing your next role?” Once you better understand what the candidate is seeking in an employer/position, you have the opportunity to discuss and reinforce how your company can meet those needs.
  2. Emphasize purpose
    Candidates want to walk into a position fully understanding not only what they will be doing, but why and how it will make a difference. So be sure to clearly outline the purpose of the position, including how the role can progress through the company and the challenges that may be faced. Additionally, highlight what makes a position at your company meaningful and how the company as a whole is making a difference in the community or within your industry. Being completely transparent in this way is a great strategy for building trust between your company and the candidate.
  1. Work together as a team
    Don’t make the mistake of adopting an attitude of “us” and “you” with the candidate. Instead, treat your applicant as an equal in this “negotiation.” This provides the candidate with a feel for what it’s like to work as part of your team and makes the person feel wanted and valued.
  1. Give the candidate time
    When it comes down to it, you want to hire someone who, after evaluating all the options, still chooses to come to your company. Accepting a job offer is a big decision, so allow the candidate enough time to make the right decision. Putting pressure to give you an answer right away won’t sit well with the candidate, and chances are, he/she will decided to go somewhere else.

Remaining competitive in today’s job market takes work. By catering your recruitment strategy to the individual needs of each candidate, you’ll be better equipped to win over the top talent you need.

Posted on May 2, 2016

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