How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

Writing a recommendation letter can be challenging. You want to craft something professional that helps your former employee land the job, but as a Hawaii business owner, you also have a hundred other things on your plate – for instance, recruiting your own candidates – and you may not have a lot of time or energy to spare.

So, how can you make this process as simple and efficient as possible? First things first, you’ll need to gather some information from the former employee. Give the individual a call or send an email if you’re short on time, but be sure to ask these four questions:

  1. What can you tell me about the company you’re applying to?
  2. Who do I address the letter to?
  3. Describe the position that you’re applying for and why it sparked your interest.
  4. Is there a specific project or skillset that you’d like me to highlight in the letter?

Having this background information will help guide the content of your letter and ensure that you position the employee in the best light. As you begin writing, keep in mind that the letter should address these three things:

  1. Your relationship with the candidate.
  2. Your evaluation of the candidate’s work and skillset.
  3. Why the individual will make a great employee.

To help make the writing process even easier, take a look below for a basic template example. Make adjustments as necessary to fit your style and personality, but remember to address the three points listed above and always present the candidate (your former employee) in an honest and complimentary way.

Recommendation Letter Template for Hawaii Employers

Aloha Mr./Mrs./Ms. [Last Name],

It’s my pleasure to recommend [Name] for the position of [position] with [Company].

[Name] was employed by [Company] as a [position] from [date] to [date]. During that time, I served as [his/her] [relationship].

I enjoyed working with [Name], and [he/she] was a valuable asset to my team. [He/she] is incredibly hard working and professional. Perhaps more importantly, [he/she] is an impressive [soft skill] who is always [result].

[His/her] knowledge of [specific subject] and expertise in [specific subject] was beneficial to the company. [He/she] put this skillset to work in order to [specific achievement/results].

Along with [his/her] talent and experience, [Name] exemplifies the Aloha spirit in everything [he/she] does. [He/she] is honest, dependable, and a team player who always brings out the best in others. Furthermore, [Name] understands the unique business culture here in Hawaii and has the local insight and expertise needed to succeed.

I can confidently recommend [Name] as a valuable employee and team-member. As a dedicated and knowledgeable professional and a great person, I know that [he/she] will be a wonderful addition to [Company].

If you have any questions or would like to discuss [Name]’s qualifications further, please feel free to contact me at [your contact information].


[Your Name]

Writing a recommendation letter may not be something you look forward to, but by following these tips and utilizing the template provided, you can easily craft a professional letter that both you and the former employee are proud of.



Posted on February 15, 2017

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