10 Websites Every Hawaii Jobseeker Should Utilize

10 Websites Every Hawaii Jobseeker Should Utilize

Today’s jobseeker has a variety of resources at their disposal – the most important, perhaps, being the internet. A vast domain peppered with hundreds of job boards, networking sites, and social media platforms, the internet can be extremely beneficial in furthering your career.

Take a look below for our list of 10 websites that every Hawaii jobseeker should be utilizing and make sure to add these sites to your arsenal of job search tools.

  1. LinkedIn 
    With over 400 million registered users, it’s not surprising that LinkedIn has become a household name. Although you can use this professional networking site to look for jobs, you may find the “connections” aspect of the site most beneficial. After all, here in Hawaii who you know is just as valuable as what you know and uncovering new connections could be the key to securing a job prospect, either now or later in the future.
  2. Indeed
    If you’re looking for a one-stop shop, Indeed is a safe bet. As a job aggregator, Indeed combs the web and gathers listings from job boards, company websites, and other online classified ads. In fact, it has become one of the largest sources of job listings on the web. If the amount of job postings is overwhelming, use it as a research tool to get a better idea of what companies are hiring and what types of positions they’re hiring for.
  3. Real Jobs Hawaii 
    Unlike sites like Indeed or Craigslist, Real Jobs Hawaii was created specifically for Hawaii jobseekers and employers. Our free online job board is home to 100% local jobs – our team of administrators screen every job that comes through our doors, verifying the legitimacy of the employers posting them. That means you can be sure the jobs you’re applying to are not only real, but they’re right here, on-the-ground in Hawaii.
  4. PayScale
    Do you know what you’re worth? If not, PayScale can help. This site uses your qualifications, like years of experience, education level, special skills and licensure as well as specifics about the job and its location to curate an individualized salary report. Knowing what you’re worth will help you answer inquires about salary expectations and give you the confidence to negotiate a fair rate.
  5. Google Plus 
    With very little barriers when it comes to introductions, Google+ (Google Plus) makes it easy for you to connect with people you’ve never met. You can create “circles” or groups of people to share content with or join “communities” based on more focused topics. The biggest draw of Google+ has to be the fact that it’s operated by none other than Google itself – which means you improve your chances of being discovered online since they control much of the site’s web traffic.
  1. Niche job boards
    By offering listings based on a specific industry, niche job boards increase your chances of not only finding a position that interests you, but landing it as well. Why? Because jobseekers who use niche job boards often have the skill set that employers are looking for. For instance, TechJobsHawaii.org is great for techies while Idealist.org is good for non-profit or volunteer opportunities.
  1. Alumni websites
    Whether you graduated from college two or twenty years ago, there’s a good chance your former alma matter has an extensive alumni network. Stay in the loop by visiting their website and taking advantage of career resources and services dedicated specifically for alumni.
  1. ALTRES Staffing 
    Many Hawaii employers don’t have the time or expertise to fill their open positions themselves, so they partner with ALTRES Staffing. Often, ALTRES Staffing is the first if not the only place these companies advertise their available positions. After you’ve set up a free account, you can upload or build a resume, set up customized job alerts, and tap into the extensive listing of local jobs you may not find anywhere else.
  1. The Muse
    Need career advice? The Muse has it all. They’ve compiled a wide range of topics from career experts in varying fields – from job searching and networking to career changes and life skills. Plus, you can search jobs and get an inside look at some of the nation’s top companies.
  1. Ask a Manager 
    Ever wonder what’s the best way to deal with a loud coworker or the protocol for withdrawing after you’ve accepted a job offer? Ask a Manager acts as the advice column for the world of work – answering reader’s questions about career, management, and workplace issues.

Posted on July 15, 2016

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