5 Scary Work Habits to Avoid

5 Scary Work Habits to Avoid

It’s a well-known truth that a bad habit is easy to adopt and hard to break, and while you can get away with some bad behaviors in your personal life, a bad work habit will do more than just irritate your coworkers; left unchecked it can lead to scary consequences for your career. If you dream of climbing the corporate ladder, landing a better job, or even getting that pay raise next year, identifying and putting an end to your bad habits is vital.

In the spirit of Halloween and all things spooky, take a look below at 5 of the most frightening work habits and make sure you avoid getting caught in their snare.

    1. Constantly complaining
      Negativity in the workplace is extremely toxic and has serious effects on your ability to be a productive and successful employee. The scariest thing about a negative attitude is that it builds over time. The more you focus on the negative, the harder it gets to switch over to a positive mindset and soon you’ll be viewed as the person who is always complaining and bringing everyone else down – a trait that employers do not appreciate or tolerate.
    2. Waiting until the last minute
      Procrastination is one of those pesky habits that most everyone has dealt with at some point or another in their life. While you may have been able to get away with it in school, putting your work off until the last minute is risky in the workplace. Procrastinating often leads to sloppy results and your boss will notice if you’re consistently producing low-quality work.
    3. Not telling the truth
      A lack of integrity can destroy your career in very little time and it all starts by telling lies. Getting into the habit of telling lies – even small ones – is a frightening behavior in all areas of life, but especially so in the workplace. These little lies often manifest in not owning up to your mistakes, being dishonest about your work hours, or going back on your word. Focus on being a trustworthy employee and coworker and you’ll in turn earn the trust of those around you.
    4. Constantly checking your cell phone
      Spending your day texting your friends, surfing the web, or posting photos on social media can do more than interfere with the quality of your work. Most companies have policies that limit employee phone and social media usage which means that being glued to your phone is a habit that could cost you your job.
    5. Being a slob
      Being sloppy, whether in your work or your appearance, is both inconsiderate and unprofessional. Avoid falling into the habit of showing up to the office hungover, wearing dirty clothes, or doing things like clipping your nails at your desk. Don’t let your food rot in the community fridge or bring stinky meals for lunch, and do your best to keep your working area clean and organized.

By becoming more self aware and keeping an eye out for any of these and other freaky work habits you may be developing, you’ll continue to be an asset to your company and coworkers and set yourself up for a successful career into the future.

Posted on October 17, 2016

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