How Real Jobs Hawaii Helps Employers

How Real Jobs Hawaii Helps Employers

We know that hiring a new employee isn’t easy. Recruiting the right candidate can be time consuming, expensive, and sometimes discouraging. Many companies throughout Hawaii are looking for ways to streamline their hiring process and reduce costs. You too may be looking for new ways to make recruiting applicants a little less complicated.

Thankfully, there is a way! Real Jobs Hawaii is a free online recruitment portal that makes it easy for local businesses to recruit and find qualified candidates. Take a look below to learn how.

1. It’s free!

Real Jobs was created to address the rising cost of job advertising here in Hawaii. Employers like you can finally post all of your jobs—even the smaller, part-time positions that normally wouldn’t justify the cost of advertising. Our service is and always will be a place where employers post for free.

2. Easy to use

Real Jobs makes the process of posting jobs and managing applicants a breeze. Create your account in three easy steps and start posting jobs immediately. Real Jobs also offers employers on-site resume storage and applicant tracking. Rate, organize, and manage applicants right from your Real Jobs account. Plus, there’s no limit to the number of applications you can receive.

3. Customization abilities

Real Jobs offers employers the customization capabilities of online recruiting sites, but with the accessibility and price point of public sites like Craigslist. Real Jobs allows employers to add a company description, display their logo, and even include video in their job postings.

4. Flexible job posting requirements

As an employer, you can post an unlimited number of jobs, with or without information like salary requirements. Applicants can submit their resume through the Real Jobs Hawaii portal or you can direct them to apply through your own applicant system.

Join the many companies throughout the state that are already utilizing Real Jobs Hawaii. Visit Real Jobs Hawaii and start posting your jobs today.


Posted on May 5, 2015

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