How to Get Voted “Most Likable Coworker”

How to Get Voted “Most Likable Coworker”

Working in an office where people like you is obviously better than the alternative. When you spend 40+ hours a week with the same people, having friends in the office will go a long way in how much you enjoy your work. In fact, one study found that when you have three or more good friends at work, you’re 96% more likely to be satisfied with life.

Whether you work in a large, open environment with hundreds of coworkers, or a small office with just a handful of peers, there are some gestures that will be appreciated in every setting and help you win friends. Here are a few tips on how to become the office’s most likable coworker.

  1. Remember names (and birthdays). Make a conscious effort to remember names and special occasions of your coworkers—especially those that you work with every day. If your desk neighbor is having a birthday, surprise her with coffee, balloons, or an organized lunch. Showing your coworkers that you are interested in them is key.
  1. Bring snacks. Nobody dislikes the person who brings in a box of fresh malasadas, donuts, or bagels to share. Especially on a day when no one is expecting it. Trust us, bring food and you’ll be winning votes immediately.
  1. Make small talk. Take some time every day to talk with your coworkers…about something other than work. Being all business all the time doesn’t necessarily make you the hardest or better worker. And it definitely won’t make you many friends. Talk with coworkers about weekend plans, how their kids are doing, or the latest movie they saw. A few short conversations can go a long way.
  1. Be reliable. When you are working on a team project, do your part to make sure that work gets done. And if you say you’ll get that report to Alex by Wednesday, get it to him. Being someone that your peers can depend and rely on will go a long way in making friends in the office.
  1. Keep it clean. You know that roommate you always hated in college…the one that left stuff everywhere and never contributed around the house? Don’t be the workplace version of that dude. Leaving pasta sauce splattered in the microwave and moldy food in the fridge or your desk drawers is inconsiderate and also kind of gross. Keeping your desk clean, wiping down the kitchen counter, or making a fresh pot of coffee when it’s empty will only earn you extra points.
  1. Say ‘thank you’. Never underestimate the power of these two words. Showing appreciation to the people you work with is incredible important and will help boost self-worth throughout your team. When someone has been helpful, acknowledge their efforts. The recognition will be valued.

Posted on June 26, 2015

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