Questions to ask yourself before accepting a job offer

Questions to ask yourself before accepting a job offer

When you’re desperate for a job, it’s easy to find yourself thinking that you would literally take any job offer you were given. And though there is value in work itself, before you agree to a new position, it’s important to consider what accepting the position will mean for you and your career. So after receiving an offer, take a moment away from your eagerness and excitement over the prospect of finally having a job and think about these four things:

Will I be proud to work for this company?

Consider how you will feel being associated with the company. Having pride in the work that you do and the company you are employed at can make a surprising difference in how much you end up liking your job.

Do I like my boss, coworkers, and the culture of the company?

Though it’s difficult to truly know if you will get along with a new boss and coworkers, you can base the answer to this question off of your first impressions. You can also consider the company culture and whether the norms and values of the organization mesh with your own. When your job and the people you work with fit with your personality and work style, you’re more likely to succeed and have a higher level of job satisfaction.

Will I feel professionally satisfied?

Think about what your responsibilities will be in your new position and whether or not you will enjoy the work. Be cautious of accepting a position that you feel extremely overqualified for—you risk becoming bored or depressed. Look for a job that will keep you learning and interested.

Does this job support my career goals?

Finally, consider whether this job aligns with your big picture career goals. Will your responsibilities give you the experience you need to move toward your professional goals? Are there opportunities for advancement within the company?

Accepting a job is not something to take lightly—your job is a big part of your life and it’s important to at least consider whether or not it’s the right one for you (and if you are the right person for the company). If nothing else, answering these questions will ensure that you make a well thought out decision.

Posted on April 28, 2015

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