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Before You Submit Your Two Weeks’ Notice: 5 Things You Must Do

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Congratulations, you’ve done it! You landed a new job and can’t wait to get started. There’s just one little thing left to do – quit your current job. Working up the nerve to give your resignation can be tough, but before you decide to pack your things and sneak out the back door, remember that Hawaii is a small community, and the way you leave can have lasting effects on your professional reputation.

So, how do you gracefully and professionally bid farewell to your current employer? Consider these five steps for giving your two week notice and keeping your reputation intact.

Don’t start rumors

It may be tempting to tell your closest coworkers about your plans to leave, but avoid any gossip until you’ve informed your immediate supervisor. Your boss should always be the first to know about your decision to quit

Provide enough … Read More »

Valuable Job Fair Advice: 4 Things Recruiters Want You to Know

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You would never show up to a job fair in your board shorts and slippahs, right? And you know not to attend without a proper resume in hand. That’s common advice that you and the hundreds of people you’re competing with already know.

So how can you get a leg up in a sea full of eager job hunters? Take a few tips from our friends at ALTRES Staffing who have over 20 years of experience recruiting at job fairs right here in Hawaii. Here’s what they had to say:

It’s not about the swag

You know the small gifts and tchotchke items on the table. It’s fine to take one, but please, don’t ask the recruiter if you can also take one for your friend, your mom, and your cousin too (Yes, people really do this!). Remember that you’re at the job … Read More »

Office Pickup Lines So Bad, They’re Good

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Looking for a chance to talk up that cutie in the corner cubicle? Don’t know how to introduce yourself to that hunk in human resources? Fear no more. Here are some of the cheesiest office pickup lines that are so bad, they’re good. Use at your own risk.

“Come to this copy machine often?”
“Do you work in accounting? Because there’s no accounting for our chemistry.”
“The only employee handbook I’ve read is Fifty Shades of Grey.”
“You are the Miss Hawaii of spreadsheets.”
“I could hold your memos in my arms forever.”
“Can you file a worker’s comp claim for a broken heart?”
“They say you shouldn’t date someone you work with, but I’ve been written up for less.”
“If you were a sales lead, you’d be coming in hot.”
“How about we blow this lame office birthday party and head back to my cubicle?”

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