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5 Tips for Eliminating Job Search Stress

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The number one cause of stress in the US comes from job-related issues. Searching for a new position can be especially stressful—not only can being out of work take a toll on your bank account, but also your self-esteem and confidence. Then there’s the pressure of an interview and the anxiety caused by wondering if you got the job or not.

No matter what you do, your job search will inevitably be a little stressful, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Whenever it starts to feel like one, take a mental chill pill by practicing these four stress relief tips:

Identify the source

While you may think the job search process as a whole is stressful, chances are there are actually one or two specific things that are causing you the most anxiety. Or perhaps you feel unsure about how to … Read More »

5 Job Fair Etiquette Tips

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Job fairs can be a useful resource when you’re looking for a new position. Today, job hunting and a majority of the application process is done online, so job fairs offer a valuable opportunity to meet with recruiters and hiring managers face-to-face. Below we’ve compiled some helpful tips to keep in mind the next time you attend a job fair:

Keep an open mind – Don’t be quick to overlook a company if the name or industry does not appear to fit with what you’re looking for. As the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. If you have time, visit a few companies that are not on your list as you may find unexpected opportunities.
Be prepared –Make sure you come dressed professionally and with plenty of copies of your resume. You should also put together a one-minute “elevator … Read More »

Five Signs You Need a New Job

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It’s Sunday and you wish you could start the weekend over again because it’s back to work tomorrow… and you really dread Mondays. But maybe it’s not Mondays that bother you; maybe it’s your job. Here are five signs that you need a new one.

You don’t like your boss: Like any relationship, if it’s not working out, then it’s best to part ways. Don’t prolong your unhappiness if you feel like you don’t have the support of your superior.

Poor work-life balance: With today’s technology, it’s hard to ignore the emails, texts, and action items pushed to your smartphone. But when they start trickling in at all hours of the night and every day of the week, this lifestyle ultimately leads to unhappiness and resentment.

You don’t like the work: If it’s not something you signed up for or you aren’t enjoying … Read More »

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