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After an Interview: Writing Thank You Letters that Work

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In our society one of the most valued commodities is traded not in dollars and cents but in hours and minutes. Taking the time to express gratitude for the opportunity to interview for a position is an often overlooked step, but one that can be the difference in landing the job you desire. Here are a few tips on crafting thank you letters that work.

Consider timeliness
Ideally you should send a thank you letter within 24-48 hours of the job interview. Send a letter too late and you run the risk of having been forgotten or the position being filled. Too early and you may regret not giving the hiring manager or yourself time to fully assess how the interview went.
Pay attention to word choice
You wouldn’t send a Shakespearean soliloquy to a hiring manager, but neither should the start of your … Read More »

How Long Should You Stay at Your Job?

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You’ve probably heard that job-hopping, or moving quickly from one role to another, can be bad for your career. While most experts agree that you should spend at least one year in a position, there’s a fine line between establishing a good track record with a company and staying long enough that you miss out on other career opportunities.

So how do you strike a balance between too little and too much time at a job? And at what point should you move on?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It all depends on how well the position is moving you toward your career goals. Consider the following questions on a regular basis and you’ll be prepared to clearly identify when it’s time to look for a new job.

Does the work challenge you?

There’s always a learning curve when you start a position. … Read More »

4 Signs You Hired the Wrong Person

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Hiring the right person is a long process, and even with due diligence you may find that the job candidate that waltzed through the interview and said all the right things just isn’t working out for you and your company. Don’t rush to judgement, but don’t get caught delaying the inevitable either. Here are four solid signs you may have hired a candidate that isn’t suited for your company, and the ways in which you might be able to remedy this all too common problem.

Skills aren’t as expected
Some holes in a person’s skillset are to be expected when onboarding a new candidate, but a complete lack of previously advertised skills is worrisome. A lack of skills can provide invaluable teachable moments for the encouragement and development of your employee, but too many teachable moments and you just might find yourself … Read More »

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