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10 Ways to Become a Better Boss

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Becoming a great boss is a journey. Just because you’re proficient at what you do doesn’t mean you’ll become a leader. So whether you’ve recently found yourself promoted or are a long time leader, read through our ten ways to become a better boss to reach your leadership potential today.

Be passionate
Great bosses all have the same quality—they are passionate about their work and this passion and drive for quality and perfection influences everything they touch. Passion is extremely contagious in the workplace and has the ability to positively influence your staff and strike an enthusiasm and hunger for a job well done.

Invest in the team
Avoid micromanaging the smaller tasks and train and invest in building both individuals and the team (or don’t, but know your employees will find another boss and company who is more willing to invest in them, … Read More »

5 Signs You’re Not Paying Your Employees Enough

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As a business owner, you know that money doesn’t grow on trees and perhaps being penny-wise has pushed your company to where it is today. Though money is not always the sole or top motivator for employees, it still represents a significant portion of the job satisfaction pie. Pinching pennies when it comes to your employees’ pay never truly pays off and can often cost your company more in the long run – think high turnover, low productivity, and poor employee morale. So how can you tell that you may not be paying your employees enough? Take a look below at these five tell-tale signs:

Employee griping and complaining
Being underpaid often ranks high on the list of things employees hate about their job. Do your best to be mindful of any griping – especially if it’s coming from your top performers. … Read More »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Conducting Interviews

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Conducting an interview is an important part of making a smart hiring decision; how you conduct an interview can make the difference between selecting a top-notch candidate or someone who negatively impacts your company’s bottom line. This doesn’t necessarily imply that your interviews need to be stiff and formal, however there are certain “dos and don’ts” that you need to be mindful of in order to correctly evaluate a candidate.

The following are some important guidelines for keeping your interview process effective.

Before the interview

Do plan ahead. You expect candidates to arrive prepared, and you should do the same. Preparing for each interview will help you determine what specific information you need to learn about the candidate in order to make an informed decision. This includes reviewing the resume ahead of time and planning what questions you will ask.
Don’t ask impromptu questions. … Read More »

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