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3 Things You May Not Know About Real Jobs Hawaii

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The soaring cost of recruitment and advertising in the face of Hawaii’s narrow talent market means that finding qualified candidates is a challenge for small and large employers alike. That’s where Real Jobs Hawaii comes in. As Hawaii’s free online jobsite, Real Jobs provides local employers with an easy way to advertise their open positions and reach out to jobseekers.

You may have seen our mascot Steve T. Yeti out and about town, or even snapped a selfie or two with him, but there’s more to us than a giant, furry abominable snowman. Here are three things you may not know about Real Jobs Hawaii.

There’s never a fee to post a job
While Real Jobs offers all the tools and functionality of large corporate online recruiting sites, we never charge employers a fee to post their open positions on the site. That … Read More »

How to Make Job Candidates Want to Work for You

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In an ideal job market, you’d have qualified candidates lining up around the block for the chance to work at your company. Instead, the majority of Hawaii employers are facing the exact opposite: a limited supply of applicants with the right skills, experience, and personality.

And when someone qualified does come around, that person generally has a couple of job offers already on the table. This means employers are faced with the challenge of staying competitive and winning over the most qualified candidates.

The good news is that candidates today want more than just a huge paycheck (though a fair salary certainly plays an important role in a job offer decision). Jobseekers also want to know what a company can provide in terms of things like career development opportunities, company culture, and office environment.

Here are four ways your company can win over … Read More »

Be Aware of These 5 Resume Red Flags

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When reviewing an applicant’s resume, bad grammar and spelling, unexplainable work gaps, and lack of job stability often top the list of resume faux-pas. These are basic mistakes that are easy to spot. But what other indicators should you look for when deciding whether or not a candidate is worth your time? If you really want to identify the best candidates and avoid the worse, make sure you stay on the lookout for these 5 resume red flags.

Fancy fonts, lots of colors, and other weird formatting
Though it might be acceptable for applicants looking for a position in a creative field (if done tastefully), visually appealing resumes peppered with a dozen script fonts, clip art, and strange formatting should give you pause. There’s a good chance the individual lacks strong technical skills and an understanding of what it means to be … Read More »

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