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20 Questions You Cannot Ask During an Interview

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Here in Hawaii, it’s common to ask someone what school they went to and what year they graduated within the first few minutes of meeting. It’s the fastest way for us to make a personal connection. And it’s likely that that person across from you has a cousin, sibling, or friend in common with you.

In the realm of recruiting and hiring, however, innocent questions such as these could expose your business to legal claims of discrimination. Why? Because knowing when a job applicant graduated from high school gives you a pretty good idea of how old that person is, and federal law prohibits employers from making hiring decisions based on age. It also prohibits discrimination based on: disability, equal pay / compensation, genetic information, national origin, pregnancy, race / color, religion, retaliation, sex, and sexual harassment.

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How to Hire the Right Manager

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There are few decisions more important for a company than hiring the right manager. However, finding the right person for the job is no easy task. In fact, a recent study found that companies fail to hire the right manager 8 out of 10 times – proof that filling an executive level position requires more time, energy, and resources than the average hire. If it’s time for your company to onboard its next manager, consider these 5 steps below:

1. Define who you’re looking for.
First things first, determine what the manager will be responsible for—will they be overseeing day-to-day activities? Conducting strategic planning? Both? Regardless, defining the position ahead of time allows you to reevaluate the role, prevents you from compromising on job requirements in the process, and most importantly finds you the right person for the job.

2. Promote from within.
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How Real Jobs Hawaii Helps Employers

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We know that hiring a new employee isn’t easy. Recruiting the right candidate can be time consuming, expensive, and sometimes discouraging. Many companies throughout Hawaii are looking for ways to streamline their hiring process and reduce costs. You too may be looking for new ways to make recruiting applicants a little less complicated.

Thankfully, there is a way! Real Jobs Hawaii is a free online recruitment portal that makes it easy for local businesses to recruit and find qualified candidates. Take a look below to learn how.

1. It’s free!

Real Jobs was created to address the rising cost of job advertising here in Hawaii. Employers like you can finally post all of your jobs—even the smaller, part-time positions that normally wouldn’t justify the cost of advertising. Our service is and always will be a place where employers post for free.

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