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What It’s Like to Work at Island Lava

Real Jobs Hawaii visited Island Lava to find out more about the Hawaii snack business. Read More »

Before You Submit Your Two Weeks’ Notice: 5 Things You Must Do

Congratulations, you’ve done it! You landed a new job and can’t wait to get started. There’s just one little thing left to do – quit your current job. Working... Read More »

Valuable Job Fair Advice: 4 Things Recruiters Want You to Know

You would never show up to a job fair in your board shorts and slippahs, right? And you know not to attend without a proper resume in hand. That’s... Read More »

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

Writing a recommendation letter can be challenging. You want to craft something professional that helps your former employee land the job, but as a Hawaii business owner, you also... Read More »

Are You Still Wooing Your Employees?

Happy wife, happy life. It’s a piece of advice that holds true not just for the happily married, but for the happily employed, too. If Hawaii employers want to... Read More »

Office Pickup Lines So Bad, They’re Good

Looking for a chance to talk up that cutie in the corner cubicle? Don’t know how to introduce yourself to that hunk in human resources? Fear no more. Here... Read More »

Ditching Work For The Punahou Carnival? We’ve Heard Every Excuse

“My biological clock is ticking, I need to attend the Punahou Carnival.”


“I completely spaced, I thought the meeting was scheduled for the corner of Punahou and Wilder.”


“I need to... Read More »

Looking Beyond the Resume to Find Your Next Hire

A resume is an important tool in hiring new employees, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Immediately screening out applicants based solely on the skills and experience listed... Read More »

Coaching Millennials in the Workplace

With millennials (individuals born from 1981 to 1999) surpassing Generation Xers as the largest generation in the workforce, learning how to bridge generational gaps to build more efficient and... Read More »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Selecting Job References

Choosing work references is difficult, and unfortunately a lot of jobseekers get it wrong. Your references should be working for you, not against you. But according to a CareerBuilder... Read More »

Why Job Searching is Like Dating

Did you know that online dating giant eHarmony has its own job matching service or that there’s a job hunting app similar to Tinder? Though it seems unlikely that... Read More »

4 Ways to Step Up Your Hiring Game in 2017

With 46 percent of all new hires failing in their first eighteen months, evaluating your hiring and onboarding process for the coming year is time and money well spent.... Read More »

From the Real Jobs Team: Best Interview Horror Stories

The candidate sounded enthusiastic over the phone, their resume checked off all the boxes, and all you have left to do is bring them in for an interview. What... Read More »

Job Searching and the Holidays: Staying Positive


Being unemployed during the holidays can be a trying time. Amidst the spirit and joy of the season, the desire to provide for your family and the uncertainties and... Read More »

What It’s Like to Work at Popeyes Hawaii

Steve T. Yeti visits Popeyes Hawaii to find out the unique benefits of working there. Also, fried chicken porn. Read More »

How Not to Embarrass Yourself at the Company Holiday Party

Good memories are easy to recall; bad memories are downright impossible to forget. Sure, last year’s office holiday party had great appetizers, but remember when Chris from accounting threw... Read More »

5 Unique Ways to Thank Your Employees this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a wonderful time to express gratitude for family, friends, and your employees. In a survey of over 200,000 employees, recognition and appreciation for a job... Read More »

When Should You Offer a Sign-On Bonus?

In Hawaii it can be difficult to find the right people to get work done. Exceptionally qualified candidates often have multiple job offers and make decisions quickly. If your... Read More »

After an Interview: Writing Thank You Letters that Work

In our society one of the most valued commodities is traded not in dollars and cents but in hours and minutes. Taking the time to express gratitude for the... Read More »

How Long Should You Stay at Your Job?

You’ve probably heard that job-hopping, or moving quickly from one role to another, can be bad for your career. While most experts agree that you should spend at least... Read More »

4 Signs You Hired the Wrong Person

Hiring the right person is a long process, and even with due diligence you may find that the job candidate that waltzed through the interview and said all the... Read More »

Meet Steve T. Yeti

Misunderstood from an early age, the Yeti—or Steve as his few friends know him—longed to find meaning and purpose in his professional life.

Covered entirely in matted white and grayish... Read More »

How to Answer the Question: “What Pay Rate Are You Looking For?”

You’ve spent a lot of time reviewing job descriptions, perfecting your resume, and submitting applications. You’ve even prepared a strong elevator speech and are ready to impress at the... Read More »

5 Scary Work Habits to Avoid

It’s a well-known truth that a bad habit is easy to adopt and hard to break, and while you can get away with some bad behaviors in your personal... Read More »

5 Great Ways to Ruin Your Job Ad

With an unemployment rate near 3 percent finding the right talent in Hawaii can be difficult. When you can’t even find a cousin to fill one of your open... Read More »

3 Signs Your Employees Need a Vacation

It can be difficult to encourage employees to take time off. A good team is often unwavering in its dedication to achieving goals and following through on deadlines—so much... Read More »

How to Navigate Political Discussions at Work

Emotions are running high this election season and political discussions are finding their way into everyday life—including at work. A recent survey by CareerBuilder shows that 1 in 5... Read More »

3 Tips for Using Real Jobs to Find a Job in Hawaii

Whether you’ve just moved to Hawaii and are looking for a job or have lived here all your life and want to transition into a new role, Real Jobs... Read More »

Tips For Celebrating Your Workers This Labor Day

Commonly accepted as the end of summer, Labor Day just might be the last holiday to hit the beach before the kids are back to school and heavier traffic... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Peer Interviewing

What is Peer Interviewing? Peer interviewing is the practice of having your job candidates and current employees meet one-on-one to talk story and get to know each other better.... Read More »

4 Career Lessons from the Olympics

Only a handful of individuals in the world make it to the Olympics and an even smaller number actually make it to the podium itself. For that reason alone,... Read More »

A Guide to Finding a Job After You’ve Been Fired

An average of twenty million people lose their jobs every year through downsizing, layoffs, or termination. If you’ve recently been fired, rest assured that you aren’t alone. Statistically nearly... Read More »

Going for Gold: How to Hire a Winning Team

With the 2016 Summer Olympics upon us, there’s no better time than now to revisit your company’s hiring strategies. Building a strong, successful team isn’t important for just winning... Read More »

10 Ways to Become a Better Boss

Becoming a great boss is a journey. Just because you’re proficient at what you do doesn’t mean you’ll become a leader. So whether you’ve recently found yourself promoted or... Read More »

Red Flags for Job Searching on Craigslist

Looking for a new couch, a car, or even a new job? Craigslist has proven to be that go-to place for everything. Unfortunately, most jobseekers flock to the popular... Read More »

10 Websites Every Hawaii Jobseeker Should Utilize

Today’s jobseeker has a variety of resources at their disposal – the most important, perhaps, being the internet. A vast domain peppered with hundreds of job boards, networking sites,... Read More »

How to Work With People You Dislike

You can choose the friends and companions in your personal life, but you probably don’t have a whole lot of say about the people you work with. Since the... Read More »

What It’s Like to Work at The Pig & The Lady

The Pig & The Lady show Steve T. Yeti why working at their restaurant is pretty amazing for passionate food lovers. Read More »

5 Signs You’re Not Paying Your Employees Enough

As a business owner, you know that money doesn’t grow on trees and perhaps being penny-wise has pushed your company to where it is today. Though money is not... Read More »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Conducting Interviews

Conducting an interview is an important part of making a smart hiring decision; how you conduct an interview can make the difference between selecting a top-notch candidate or someone... Read More »

5 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Raise

It’s time for your annual review and you’re hopeful for a raise; the evaluation goes well and your boss doesn’t note any huge areas of concern. So you’re stunned... Read More »

What It’s Like to Work at ALTRES

Qualified people (and yetis!) who aren't afraid of a challenge is what the ALTRES ohana is all about. Read More »

3 Things You May Not Know About Real Jobs Hawaii

The soaring cost of recruitment and advertising in the face of Hawaii’s narrow talent market means that finding qualified candidates is a challenge for small and large employers alike.... Read More »

How to Make Job Candidates Want to Work for You

In an ideal job market, you’d have qualified candidates lining up around the block for the chance to work at your company. Instead, the majority of Hawaii employers are... Read More »

Be Aware of These 5 Resume Red Flags

When reviewing an applicant’s resume, bad grammar and spelling, unexplainable work gaps, and lack of job stability often top the list of resume faux-pas. These are basic mistakes that... Read More »

How to Hire for Positions You Don’t Understand

Hiring managers are faced with a big responsibility – finding and hiring the best people for their business. Successfully recruiting good employees involves writing job ads, sourcing candidates, evaluating... Read More »

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Applying for a Job

As a jobseeker today, there are many unique ways to position yourself as a good candidate and stand out to employers – for instance, carefully curating your social media... Read More »

What It’s Like to Work at La Tour Cafe

Work at La Tour Café, learn artisan baking methods, win Steve T. Yeti's heart. Read More »

Tips for Sprucing Up Your Hiring this Spring

March is in full swing and it’s about time for a little spring cleaning, which includes your company’s hiring process. Sprucing up your hiring process will help give your company the... Read More »

Should You Hire Someone Who’s Been Fired?

Would you consider hiring someone who was fired from a past position? If you gut instinct is “no,” you’re not alone. Hiring is hard, so ruling out individuals who... Read More »

5 Good Luck Charms to Help You Land the Job

Finding a new job takes hard work, persistence, and a positive attitude. Even so, it can seem like everyone else is magically landing their dream position while you’re making... Read More »

Visit Steve Yeti at the Career Expo!

Is your resume touched up and ready to go? Real Jobs Hawaii would like to invite you to come down to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser Career Expo at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall... Read More »

Thanks, But No Thanks: Tips for Turning Away an Applicant

Turning down an applicant is probably not on your list of favorite things to do—50 percent of hiring managers would rather avoid it altogether—but it’s a necessary evil in... Read More »

Tips For Falling Back in Love…With Your Job

Think back to when you first started your current position – in those days, your job could do no wrong. Everything was new and exciting and even your cubicle-mate’s habit... Read More »

STOP! Don’t Post That Job Ad until You’ve Considered These 3 Things

A position just opened up in your company and you need to hire a new employee—what do you do? Quickly put together a job ad and rush to post... Read More »

How to Manage Gaps in Your Work History

Landing a job is no easy feat, especially if you’ve been out of the workforce for a few months or maybe even years. Though your skills and experience aren’t... Read More »

Post Your Job Ads on RJH for Free!

Employers, have you started using Real Jobs Hawaii to advertise your available positions? Real Jobs offers all the tools, functionality, and customization capabilities of large corporate online recruiting sites,... Read More »

How to Use Social Media to Land Your Dream Job

Standing out as a candidate in today’s job market goes beyond a perfect resume or compelling cover letter. While these things are important, jobseekers must also ensure they have... Read More »

What It’s Like to Work at Hawaii Dental Service

People working in dental services will always be popular with Steve T. Yeti. Read More »

4 Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process in 2016

Thanks to Hawaii’s low unemployment rate, employers throughout the state are finding it difficult to recruit good talent. Still, there are ways your company can combat this war on talent... Read More »

5 Things You Should Never, Ever Do at an Interview

While every jobseeker obviously has their own interview style, there are some things that you should never, ever do when you show up to meet with a hiring manager.... Read More »

What it’s Like to Work at Highway Inn

Hawaiian food is not like traditional yeti fare. It's way better. The people who work at Highway Inn make all the difference. Read More »

5 Terrible Interview Questions to Avoid Asking

Illegal questions are not the only ones you should steer clear of during an interview. You should also avoid asking those all-too-popular, yet impractical questions that will result in... Read More »

4 Tips for Managing Millennials

Did you know that Millennials have surpassed Generation X to become the largest generation in the American workforce? As an employer, it’s important to understand what this group of workers are... Read More »

Is Your Resume Holding You Back? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Your resume is the first impression you leave with a potential employer, and that impression determines whether or not you get a shot at an interview. Since most hiring... Read More »

How to Rock Your Next Networking Event

If you’re going to attend a networking event, make it worth your time. Simply showing up and passing out as many business cards as humanly possible is not going... Read More »

5 Workplace Halloween Costumes That Will Haunt Your Career

Getting into the Halloween spirit is a great way to shake things up at the office and bond with your fellow coworkers. It may also be a rare opportunity... Read More »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Surviving Job Rejection

It’s safe to say that most jobseekers are all too familiar with the feeling of being turned down after an interview— it’s an unfortunate reality that comes with the... Read More »

September Employer News Roundup

It’s the third installment of our employer news roundup and we have some great articles to share! Be sure to check out this report that discusses the local impact... Read More »

Employers – Avoid These 5 Types of Job Applicants

With Hawaii unemployment at a low, some employers may be more willing to settle for candidates that don’t meet every requirement. Still, it’s important to remember that a few... Read More »

4 Ways to Ruin Your Chances of Getting a Job

You’ve been hunting for your next big opportunity for weeks, months, and maybe even longer than that. Chasing after a new job can feel like an uphill battle, especially... Read More »

Tips for Cleaning Up Your Online Image

You’ve prepped for the interview, polished your resume, and compiled all your professional references… you’re all set to land the job, right? Not quite yet. With social media prevalent... Read More »

August Employer News Roundup

The second installment of our monthly “must read” employer news features some interesting topics. From the humorous rant about the types of employees that HR secretly hates to another... Read More »

It Was Great Seeing You at the Star-Advertiser Hawaii Career Expo!

Hi all, Steve Yeti here! I want to give a big shout out to everyone who stopped by our booth at the Star-Advertiser Career Expo a few weeks ago.... Read More »

5 Easy Ways to Lose a New Hire

Developing a positive onboarding experience is a key factor in employee retention, yet some companies fail to give enough attention to this important part of the hiring process. Finding... Read More »

Underqualified? 5 Ways to Convince Employers to Hire You Anyway

It’s a long-standing dilemma that plagues many jobseekers, perhaps yourself included – “I need experience to get a job, but how can I get experience if no one will... Read More »

Did You Read This? July Employer News Roundup

July was a scorcher – we hope your recruitment efforts last month were just as hot! We know that you’re busy, so we’ve compiled some notable employer advice and... Read More »

How to Write a Job Description (That Attracts the Candidates You Want)

The Hawaii job market has become fairly competitive in the last few years. With our unemployment rate at just 4.1%, employers throughout the state are finding it difficult to... Read More »

6 Signs that Your Cover Letter is Missing the Mark

Cover letters don’t exist simply to torture you – hiring managers use them as a tool to gain more insight into why you’re right for the job. You should... Read More »

20 Questions You Cannot Ask During an Interview

Here in Hawaii, it’s common to ask someone what school they went to and what year they graduated within the first few minutes of meeting. It’s the fastest way... Read More »

How to Get Voted “Most Likable Coworker”

Working in an office where people like you is obviously better than the alternative. When you spend 40+ hours a week with the same people, having friends in the... Read More »

How to Hire the Right Manager

There are few decisions more important for a company than hiring the right manager. However, finding the right person for the job is no easy task. In fact, a... Read More »

Why You Should Love Your Job

Find a job that you love. It seems simple, right? Unfortunately, too many people have become comfortable in the discomfort of a job that they hate – maybe the... Read More »

Job Hunting 101: Search Smarter, Not Harder

You may have heard the saying, and can probably attest to it, that job hunting is a job in and of itself. Searching for work entails all the time... Read More »

How to Deal with a Bad Boss

Truth be told, we’ve all had at least one bad boss at one point or another. In most cases, a bad boss is just something we complain about to... Read More »

5 Tips for Overcoming the Monday Blues

For many of us, it’s a love-hate relationship with Monday. While we’re grateful to have a job to pay the bills, 48 hours away from the desk is never... Read More »

How Real Jobs Hawaii Helps Employers

We know that hiring a new employee isn’t easy. Recruiting the right candidate can be time consuming, expensive, and sometimes discouraging. Many companies throughout Hawaii are looking for ways... Read More »

5 ways to spot lies on a resume

The pressure to stand out from other applicants may tempt some jobseekers to be less than honest on their job applications. In fact, according to a study by Forensic... Read More »

Tips for making a great first impression at a job interview

As a jobseeker, a job interview may strike both hope and fear in your heart at the same time. Getting an interview is a job in and of itself,... Read More »

Questions to ask yourself before accepting a job offer

When you’re desperate for a job, it’s easy to find yourself thinking that you would literally take any job offer you were given. And though there is value in... Read More »

5 Tips for Eliminating Job Search Stress

The number one cause of stress in the US comes from job-related issues. Searching for a new position can be especially stressful—not only can being out of work take... Read More »

5 Job Fair Etiquette Tips

Job fairs can be a useful resource when you’re looking for a new position. Today, job hunting and a majority of the application process is done online, so job... Read More »

Five Signs You Need a New Job

It’s Sunday and you wish you could start the weekend over again because it’s back to work tomorrow… and you really dread Mondays. But maybe it’s not Mondays that... Read More »

10 Things You Should Never, Ever Say in an Interview

As a jobseeker, your goal in an interview is to show that you can think on your feet and possess the right skills and personality to make things happen... Read More »

Hawaii's Real Companies

Local employers share what makes their businesses unique with Real Jobs Hawaii SpokesYeti, Steve T. Yeti. Spoiler alert: the people who work there make all the difference.

What It’s Like to Work at Island Lava
Real Jobs Hawaii visited Island Lava to find out more about the Hawaii snack business.
What It’s Like to Work at Popeyes Hawaii
Steve T. Yeti visits Popeyes Hawaii to find out the unique benefits of working there. Also, fried chicken porn.
What It’s Like to Work at The Pig & The Lady
The Pig & The Lady show Steve T. Yeti why working at their restaurant is pretty amazing for passionate food lovers.